Among the many things that residence owners need to consider is termite control. Yes, there may not be a problem at the moment but this has to be considered and included in the proper maintenance of the home. The truth is that, there is nothing more destructive than termite infestation and there are no better professionals to get in touch with than the termite exterminators themselves.


How do the trained Pest Control Orange County CA experts conduct their inspections? This kind of pest infestation is described as subterranean. This means that it does not become visible until it's too late. They are hidden from sight and so homeowners are not aware of their existence and activities. When they are revealed through broken structures - this is usually the only time that the residents discover the problem.


Proper inspection is necessary because it points the exact location of the pests and also the severity of the infestation. Experts cannot immediately proceed with the treatment until they finally know the extent and the affected area. Where are the termites? Are they in the basement? In the attic? or everywhere in the house? The tunnels are actually visible on the surface, especially when the person doing the inspection is an expert. Exterminators usually check on mud tubes as these are the clearest signs that there are pests in the property. Besides the termites, it can happen that other insects are also present such as cockroaches and rats. If the house is made of wood, they also check whether the wood is hollow. This means that the termites have already made their way in and eaten everything. The sound of a hollow wood can easily be distinguished from that of one that is not affected.


Ants may look similar to termites which is why many people mistake it for termites. But remember that ants are only black and red, while termites are white or cream in color. Both these pests are different and therefore, will need different treatments as well.



When the professional Wildlife Removal Orane County CA companies treat the problem, this means they also treat the wood. This can be done through certain applications that strengthen the wood and also keeps the termites from eating them. Termite baits have been used for the longest time as well. This is an effective method when dealing with the entire colony. Applying solutions in the soil around the property is also done to keep the pests from ever entering and penetrating the house.